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Haslam Scholars Program

Haslam Scholars Program

Haslam Scholars Abroad: Scotland 2016


One of my favorite aspects of the Haslam Scholars Program is its emphasis on learning through exchange. This exchange can take many forms: from scholar to scholar, scholar to mentor, or scholar to environment. The University of Edinburgh and surrounding city, vibrant with both subtle familiarity and explorative novelty, was a place in which I experienced these exchanges to their fullest extent.

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Mini-Retreat Brings Scholars Together

Students at a Mini Honors Retreat

Community is by far one of the most valuable aspects of being a Haslam Scholar. For scholars of all years, the Mini-Retreat offered opportunities for building connections, sharing ideas, and making memories as a program. These quintessential components of the Haslam Scholars Program are what makes it such a meaningful part of our UT experience.

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Inskip Elementary and the HSP: A Living Legacy

Students at the Inskip Elementary School

HSP clubs at Inskip Elementary School represent teamwork across multiple cohorts, undergraduate students, and alumni. One of my favorite parts about starting a club at Inskip is combining aspects of volunteering that I enjoyed at Pond Gap with the fun new ideas we get from our HSP curriculum. It is rewarding to take an active role in volunteering where we both plan and implement activities.

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Getting Acquainted: Haslam Scholars 2016 Cohort

Students from the 2016 Cohort

Each year the Haslam Scholars Program adds to its distinguished membership a new class of first-year scholars. These scholars are expected to grow, learn, and lead at the university, among their peers, and in the Knoxville community. The 2016 cohort is made up of vibrant personalities, diligent workers, and an incredible amount of potential. This is clear in how they write about one another.

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What’s New With You?

Europa in the snow

Haslam Scholars alumni: Got a new job or promotion? Getting married? Welcoming a new family member? Email Xylina Marshall at and let’s share your good news! Click here to update your Haslam Scholar bio and show the world what you’re up to.

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