VolCard Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to your current VolCard agreement for the below listed accounts, if applicable:

Use of the VolCard

You agree to use the VolCard for identification purposes only or for the purchase of or access to goods and services to which you are entitled as a University of Tennessee student, staff, or faculty after having paid the appropriate fees for that term of study. No other person is permitted to use this card for purchases, identification, or for any other reason. The card and its rights and privileges are not transferable and are governed by all University of Tennessee rules and regulations. When requested, the card must be submitted to University of Tennessee Administration for identification or other investigative procedures.


You are responsible for all charges or transactions billed or accessed by the VolCard and any of the various accounts as part of the VolCard system.

Lost or Stolen Cards

You agree to notify the VolCard Office immediately at 865-974-3430 (24 hours/day 7 days/week) if your VolCard/ID is lost or stolen. You can report your VolCard lost or stolen on line at volcard.utk.edu/lost-cards. A replacement fee of $30.00 will be charged. If you fail to notify the VolCard Office, you will be liable for the unauthorized charges to your accounts until notice is given.

Ownership of Cards

The VolCard remains the property of the University of Tennessee and is governed by all its rules and regulations. Upon withdrawal, graduation, or termination from the University of Tennessee, the card must be surrendered upon request. The university reserves the right to establish and/or change the credit limits of accounts accessed by this card at any time with or without cause and without giving you notice.

VolCard Account

Minimum deposit of $15.00 is required to open this account. It is not refundable, except in the case of withdrawal, graduation, or termination from the university.

Additional deposits of $15.00 or more can be made to the account throughout the semester. A transaction fee may be applied.

VolCard accounts may be cancelled at your request and a full refund of balance in the account less a $15.00 service fee will be made.

Disputes involving use of your VolCard account with off campus merchants must be filed no later than sixty days after the date of the transaction which is in dispute.

For Students:

Staff Dining Club Account


Late Fees

General Procedures andPolicies

Execution of a VolCard account application is not a commitment of admission or employment to the university.

While the application is in effect, the student, staff, or faculty will be required to meet all financial obligations under the terms of this agreement.